Who we are

A team that loves to help

We are two weight loss experts, working together, sharing our passion and knowledge about fitness and nutrition. We would like to help girls like you, we would like to help everyone who wants to become  fitter, better and more confident. Mallorca - willpower retreat is the help you need to start healthy lifestyle or the kick to get back on track with fitness.  We know what will work for you, because it works for us and for everyone who has tried before.
 Retreat  is just the start, to help you to stop wishing and start working. We will help you to plan your journey, write down specific weight loss and fitness goals and guide you to accomplish them. We will help you believe and get you excited about the results. We will follow up with you, we will always care and be there for you.

What we do

We will show you the best way

STAYFITBREAKFREE  is fitness challenge, your energy and confidence booster. We will show you the most effective way to work out and help you to create fitness program personalized for you to take home and follow. The weight loss plan is ideal way how to detox and kick start your metabolism . We will teach you how to use this tool on your way to ideal weight. We will explain everything you need to know about the healthy lifestyle and more. We will show you how enjoyable healthy eating can be. We teach cooking classes and nutritional workshops, we will answer every question, where to buy, what to cook and  how you can treat yourself with healthy snacks.  

Weekend will start on Friday evening
- pick up at Palma airport
-transfer to Port Pollenca. 
- arrival to Villa, time to check in to your room.
-welcome talk start
- healthy dinner buffet  
-ice breaking workshop
Hello body morning stretch   
-health assessment
-fitness test
-beach workout
- lunch
- hooping, dancing, shaking workout
-cooking workshop
-yoga + meditation
Fat burning morning workout
- breakfast 

-walking  and  kayaking
-habits workshop 
-cooking workshop
-yoga + meditation
I love my body workout

-goal setting
-fitness test 
-health assessment 
-snack and hug
-transfer to airport

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to start!

She believed, she could so she did! Why not you?