What happened to our friends after bike ride?

 Fit Joyce after completing the route felt great, it was just another regular training for her cardiovascular system, in which she burned a good 1500 kj. Joyce felt motivated to train even harder, to get fitter and stronger. Sue because of her untrained body, felt exhausted. She felt like never moving again and chilling on the sofa until the end of the day.
What is happening within their bodies at the level of metabolism?

After intense physical activity, the physiological functions gradually return to rest. However, this return is not immediate but takes a longer time. Even a few hours after the overload, metabolism is running at higher speeds, and even in resting conditions, we consume more energy than when there is no training.

Both girls have a great start in the cycle of metabolism, and they burn an increased amount of calories for the next few hours. Their exhausted glycogen stocks need to be replenished. For this purpose, some healthy carbohydrates (vegetable, brown rice, fruits, sweet potato ) and other energy necessary for glycogen synthesis are needed. The longer and more intensive the training, the more necessary it is to supply calories to the regeneration. These are taken not only from food, but also from internal fat reserves. So if you feel exhausted like Sue you will more likely overeat and make wrong choices and stop the fat burning happening . If you train regularly you don’t need to reward yourself with comfort food. Your reward it is the fat loss after cycling, not just burned kj directly during the ride, but also kj burnt free – after training, in resting conditions.
For Sue and Joyce may be different how much resting energy supply was used, it depends on genetic adjustment, age, stress, endocrine gland activity, current diet, and a variety of other calorie consumption movements. The reason for a higher calorie consumption after the end of the activity is the persistent elevated body temperature, intensive cardiovascular and respiratory activities, and all body functions involved in the regenerative processes of the body. Increased levels of “stress” hormones – adrenaline, noradrenaline, thyroxine, glucocorticoids – also accelerate metabolism, work on the recovery and regeneration of the organism.

Back to our cyclists. They both consume more calories after the cycling over the next few hours. Fit Joyce has more muscle mass than Sue at a similarly total body weight. Muscle tissue consumes energy even in resting conditions where it is not actively loaded. The more muscles we own, the more we burn, even at rest. Every time she went to the gym to build her muscles was totally worth it for optimal fat burning. Of course, the right diet also plays a role. The system is perfect. We exercise intensively – we have a stronger metabolism for a long time. The more intense we practice (against greater resistance), the more muscles we will have …

A very good news is that skeletal muscle, which is at rest, is primarily a source of energy for fat. Joyce has more muscle mass. Thanks to this, she burned more calories in the 35 km (thanks to his training of fat in particular), and even after a trip in a resting state, her muscles are consuming more fats than Sue body.

Joyce is smart, be like Joyce, train to burn fat better during aerobic exercise and then in rest. So you can have a faster metabolism due to regular movements, and can eat more. The more you will eat, the faster metabolism, you will have. The more you will eat, the longer and harder you can train …

The best way to quality and lasting weight loss is through a combination of a good diet (calorie-rich, volume-rich) with aerobic activities and adequate strength training.

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