Are you ready to lose weight? 


If you really want and need to get healthier,  body confident, increase your fitness prefomance.


Or you needed to lose weight because your trausers are too tight, you need to wear the dress! 


If you want to prove everyone who is doubting you wrong. You can do it. Whatever is your motivation to read about weigh loss, keep reading. I am sharing top tips, what I believe will help you to get into the skinny mindset. 


1. Think positive! What is good about your body? There must be part you still like. We will start there, making good even better, for example if you like your biceps start working on them and noticing them. Forget about the parts of your body you don’t like, looking down there is not going to give you motivation.


What is positive about your fitness?


What is still there, what can you do?


2. What is not perfect yet? Forget perfection, there is not such a thing when it comes to fitness and body.


Feeling low or hating your body is to negative, it will kill your motivation. So once you are ready to face the trough, noticed parts of your body you would like to change because you are not done yet?


Whad do you need to work on?


3. What are you willing to do to make it the way you want it? You need realistic action fitness and meal plan! 


If you are at the bigging of the journey be patient. Don’t go from 1 to 100. Start with 2 – 3 exercise classes a week and change one eating habit ( no processed food ) 


4. What are you willing to give up? What are you willing to no longer do,  in order to make it the way you want it?


I am guessing you have a busy life, your routines and responsibilities. In order to lose weight you need to give up your time to find time to do your exercise. You will have to give up you glass of wine every night or reduce your treats. 


5. The most important question is, how can you enjoy the process? You better choose to like the process, find the joy in good food. You may dislike the first 10 minutes of exercise but once you push through,  you will feel better and happier.


6. Learn about nutrition. Nothing motivates you more to eat good nutritional food, then understanding benefits of healthy eating on your energy, mood, health and longevity.


7. Plan ahead, book me time in your diary. Plan your weekly menu. Or at least next day meal so you are less likely to go for unhealthy last minute choice.


8. To feel hungry is normal. Is fine and important to wait for your dinner time.


9. Be mindful, when you eat enjoy the moment, don’t rush. 


10. Find coping strategies to deal with stress, emotional upset. Without referring to food.


11. Treats are part of the life and should be! As long as you stick with clean diet 80% of the time and stick to clean  days. It is all about balance.


12. There is not point to lay to yourself. You are the one who will get hurt by this lays. So please stop killing yourself be saying one more wouldn’t hurt or red wine is good for me and drink 2 bottles. 


13. Say NO to yourself, like you would say no to children to protect them from danger. Say no to yourself, because you know better!


14.You are the responsible for you! You are the one who should care, you are the one who will benefit from this. Don’t blame others for lack of interest, do it for you!



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