Self-control is one of the most important things to work on if you want to master your personal growth. If you had more self-control, you could have better relationships, a better job, better health and a better body shape…

Our life’s work is to develop self-control so we can love ourselves more. Imagine that you delivered everything you promised to yourself. Because every time you don’t, you are letting yourself down, so you feel low and more likely to punish yourself. This is a wishes circle you don’t want to be in.

We live in two worlds – the outside world – the one we always worry about

– the inside world – the one we should worry about

Your outside world (your home, car, angry boss, bank account, body shape or look) is made up of all the things you are worried about, especially if they are not as good as they should be. The fact that things are not good enough can affect you and you can become powerless, a victim; you can become trapped if you believe that you can change your outside world without changing your inside world. The less self-control you have, the more you will be worried about the outside world. This can affect your body shape as you struggle to believe that you have control over it. The reason why you are worried about the outside (your body) is because you are worried and afraid to hear a bad comment, notice a look or bad emotion. This painful feeling will affect your inside world.

Let’s work on your inside world. I would like you to become the creator of your own life. You have to believe in yourself. Grow in self-esteem by believing that you can have a vision, goals, self-control and discipline. You can become so strong that you can create your ideal outside world. However to be able to influence your world, you need to master your emotions; talk to yourself and create a positive mind set, believe in your superpowers. The more discipline and self-control you have, the less worried you will be about the outside world (your body). Once you truly believe in yourself, you will have control of your life. You know you can change it!

So my point is that we need to care less about the outside world, care less about what people think of us (our outside world) and care more about our inside world, be positive thinking and grow.

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