Personal Trainer – 1-On-1 Personal Training.

Our focus:

Weight Loss Through Exercise and Proper Nutrition,

Toning and Strengthening all Major Muscle Groups,

Functional Strength and Endurance,

Core Stability and Strength,

Reducing Stress while Increasing Energy,

Improving Balance and Coordination,

Improving Cardiovascular Health.

Take a time out.... Regroup and Reset..... I learned about StayFitBreakFree from a close friend who has known and worked with Zuzana many times before and I admit I was curious ~ but who goes on vacation to exercise?!?! Control their food choices and quantities?!? And not have a glass of wine or two? For a whole week -- I did! It was not as much a vacation as an investment in my health and overall well being . A very powerful and rewarding experience! It was nothing like what I expected - it was a safe, caring and very well planned week full of diverse and challenging activities all with the backdrop of the amazing island of Mallorca. I was gently lured into doing much more than I ever thought I was capable of. I learned a ton about nutrition and the now obvious interdependence of mind, body and ultimately spirit . As a forever working mom (raised 3 children) entering a new stage of life; this program was exactly what I needed to get \'back to center\" having no idea how far I had strayed from my natural state of being ... everything was out of whack and after a week of \"handing over the keys to my life to Zu\" I came back \"home\" in every sense of the word. Life is Good! Forever grateful to all the teachers of my life and most recently to Zu! Until next time!!! Lynn