Do you want to earn a new fit body, but something is holding you back. You know what to do, you have been reading and researching. It looks pretty simple, you have to stop eating sugar and fast food and you need to move more. It is not complicated, people you know have done it. It should be easy – but it is not. And you don’t know why! Why do you hesitate? Why is it difficult for you to wish the best for yourself? Do you believe in yourself? Do you really believe that you can be fit and lean? If not really, what happened in the past? What is holding you back and why can’t you move on? This are the questions for me to ask as a coach in order to help someone to change. Once you are ready for change, you will be keen to work on your self believe. You will aloud yourself to dream about the fit future. Once you can imagine,what can happen if you take an action. Once you can visualize what you life is going to be like in that body you want in detail ( day to day basis- waking up and walking around without clothing
– looking in the mirror and like what you see
– wearing sexy underwear
– walking without being out of breath
– getting complements an feeling proud
– exercising effortlessly
– going shopping and get what you like
– going on holiday with new exciting summer outfits
– rewarding yourself with eating out, instead of feeling guilty every time you eat…..Once you can feel it, smell it, hear it.

Then you will stat to want it! Only if you don’t see the big picture, you may think that the price is too big.

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