My name is  Zuzana Kubisova and I’m fitness expert, personal trainer, coach..

I was on long journey before I could feel like the fit girl and love my body. Growing up in Slovakia, around tall and slim girls looking like models, wasn’t the best for my confidence.  I was short muscular, curvy ( that was before Kardashians, before the curves where trendy. So I was trying to be loud and funny to cover up my insecurity. 

I am nearly 40 and I love getting older and fitter! I am the fittest, I have ever been, so I am not scared of ageing!

I was always active and loved trying new sports and new classes, always looking up to fitness instructors. Admiring and wanting to be as energetic, confident and positive. My dream become reality 12 years ago. Before I started training clients it was all about me, I wanted to look good and feel better about myself.

Being personal trainer give me so much more than I expected. Helping girls to feel better about themselves, is the best thing ever! Showing clients how it can be done, giving them hope and confidence to exercise and step outside of comfort zone, is my biggest achievement.

Being surrounded by women  all shapes and sizes made me realize that, you can be beautiful whatever size you are, as long as you feel good and happy about yourself and your life. I am so grateful for every single opportunity to help shift beliefs, changing body shapes, fitness achievements, sweat, tears and loughs. 

Although fitness and fitness holidays are what I’m known for, my passion and fuel behind is in the personal development.  It’s what’s in our heads, our beliefs and our actions that create our realities.
I have been fortunate to have witnessed  this over and over again with my fitness clients. 
My favorite clients to work with are the ones ready to break free from what is holding them back so that they too can create everything they want.
They don’t typically know what is actually holding them back until I show them! This is my special talent.
I’ve blocked out two weeks in November, to spend with a handful of you ready to work hard with me in beautiful Mallorca and  get radical results. 
Call or email for more information.
With love Zu. x

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