Our aim is to heal and love without judgement. Coach Zu teaches to focus the mind and let go of what may be holding us back. We go deeper into our spiritual practice to re-discover our inner balance, and develop a calmer, more focused mind. Our bodies become fitter and more toned as a result of balanced and personalized fitness program. The main aim is to provide clarity for the mind and to better understand the body and the intuitive tools that we have to heal ourselves. The aim is to focus on the body and the breath in the present moment, so you can fall in love with yourself!
Our days start with Yoga effective practice for those recovering from depression or living with, injury or illness. It combines all the other strength and cardio activities which are helping you to build strength and confidence.
Beautiful views of Mallorcian beaches and mountains, fresh air and time for yourself, provides the opportunity to step away from the busy outside world and access the deeper wisdom that resides within us.
While virtually all exercise is beneficial for general, ‘whole body’ health, there are some forms of exercise that are especially great for positive mental health.
Several studies have found that the combination of exercise and exposure to the outdoors is a bit of a magic combination for emotional and mental health – it’s now considered to a key therapeutic component of any strategy to combat depression, anxiety, and stress.
Yoga, walking, cycling comes up again and again as particularly useful for positive mental health – it’s easily accessible to most of us and the rhythmic, aerobic and low impact nature of rhythm, much like other motor skills, has known brain boosting benefits.
Beyond the ‘happiness factor’ and the general mental health benefits of exercise , though are a host of specific benefits that recommend to find your favorite exercise as the part of our program.
Our strength building program is suitable for all levels and can easily be worked into a daily routine back at home. The dreamy and tranquil setting is ideal to learn to meditate or deepen your daily practice. Reconnect with your true self and transform your health and well-being .
Energy boosting program will make you smile and bring your back your mojo and make you feel proud.