At Mallorca fitness holiday the nutrition is, of course a very important part of our retreat and has a huge impact on our health and well-being.
Our- Mallorca fitness holiday talented chef Sharon Maree Baert is creating a mouth-watering organic, vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Sharon’s beautifully presented dishes are exceptional in taste with a high nutritional content. The food is locally sourced, organic and individually prepared according to the specific diet plan of each guest.
We only uses local fruit and vegetables from Mallorca. The basic foodstuffs are enhanced with seasonal herbs and vegetables from Sharon’s own garden.
All meals are served in the breath-taking surroundings of the retreat’s intensely lush and green gardens, carefully created to support mindful eating philosophy. It completes the experience in a healthy and delicious way and serves emotional and physical well-being.  Meals and deserts are prepared with love using ingredients, helping you with detox and weight loss. The green smoothies and the 2 course dinners are to die for!  Try our recipes at home Healthy Christmas