We serve real food that tastes great. Meals you can easily plan and replicate at home. Learn what you like & develop your own food plans. Cook fresh and balanced meals – not a diet. Learn about the nutrients your body needs. Our unique nutritional program incorporates calorie options tailored to your personal requirements devised from our experience, combined with the latest research. Our weight loss results are proven and we have a solid track record. 

Life coaching session. Working on your mental well-being, reduce your stress levels and examine the reasons behind weight gain. Workshops on self-respect, changing habits and having a positive attitude. We can't give you magic pill, but we can help you, to see a magic change and feel empowered!  


Regardless of your age or current level of fitness, our Mallorca Fitness Camp will help start you on the path to life-changing, lifelong fitness. We will help you to discover your potential and send you home with a fitness program, as well as new practices, to build the foundation for a lifetime of fitness and well-being. 



36 hours of diferent exercise classes

Special programs, designed with the experience of many years of finding out what really works and not wasting any of your time. Everything we do will help you to become one step closer to a new amazing you.

4 star accomadation

The beautiful island of Mallorca. For small groups we use nice comfortable apartments and for larger groups we use a peaceful villas the perfect place to get away from your busy life, to detox, exercise and explore the area. Everyone seems to want to have a holiday combined with fitness.

Guaranteed results

Factually 90% of our clients lost 3 inches from their waistline and 4% of their body fat. Everyone is different. We're helping different people, with different weight and at different fitness levels. But everyone will lose inches or we will give you money back!

Habits change program & aftercare

It can take up to 30 days to change habits. First week is the hardest, we will help you to stay strong to stick with it. Every day after it is going to be easier and with good mind-set you will get to your goal weight or fitness level.

Free sport massage and meditation

Stress is the number one reason for gaining weight. We will give you guide how to deal with stress, practice mindfulness and meditation. Free massage will help you get through the challenging week. More pampering optional.

Free transport form Palma airport

You will be picked up from the Airport and normally be in the accommodation about 60 mins later. Week will finish on Saturday morning and we will organize the transport to the airport, using a local company.