We all know that obesity is a big problem linked to illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

However obesity-related problems are not just physical, they’re psychological too.  Often, the most damage obesity causes is to your self-esteem and when you lose confidence in your body, you can lose confidence in yourself and become unhappy.  Yet some people manage to deal with this problem and lose weight – how? By learning to problem solve.

We have 3 types of problems to deal with:

1. SIMPLE problems – these can be solved by following instructions.

2. COMPLICATED problems – these can be solved by breaking down the big problem and working on the smaller parts by following the instructions.

3. COMPLEX problems – these are unique to each person and cannot be solved through following simple instructions.  Like learning to be a good parent, the person learning to lose weight needs experience and guidance, but  the recipe is different for every individual.


Weight loss is a complex problem, so I can’t give you exact instructions to follow and there is not one simple recipe for long term success. Simple steps like eating less sugar and exercising more should work for everyone, but what your individual weight loss programme is going to be like depends on your own personality and preferences.  Following someone else’s diet strictly just won’t work long term, because weight loss is a complex problem. What you think of yourself is more important than following a diet. Your journey is a personal matter and you need to choose what’s the best way for you.  Either I or your personal trainer can give you great tips and lots of ideas, we can even hold your hand for short time, but you need to want it and figure it out for YOU. You need to have the courage and character to go all the way. Then, one day, you too can share your personal recipe on how to lose weight with others. I want you to know that I do understand how hard is to lose weight. I know it is not as easy as saying “exercise more and eat less” because it is a complex problem. The good news is that it can be solved with courage and experience. And it doesn’t matter how much weight you lose – as long as you are satisfied, nothing else matters.







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