Do you know that the reason why you are so unsuccessfully fighting losing weight? It is probably the failure of your hormonal balance.

As a woman, I very well understand the unexpected weight gain frustration experienced by every woman. I myself find hard to keep my healthy weight.  So, I had to do some research to understand weight gain and I like to share it with you.


There are 4 specific female hormones whose can sabotage your weight loss.


Weight loss blocker 1: estrogen imbalance


 It is produced by the ovaries, and to a limited extent even after menopause.

Like other hormones, estrogen is responsible for your reaction to food, drink and other foods. It is because of it that it is increasingly difficult for women of increasing age to lose excess pounds.

What to do: I recommend eating about half a pound of vegetables a day, pus falx, linseeds. The fiber contained in vegetables helps to remove estrogen from the body. In addition, vegetables contain many vitamins and other beneficial substances. It will only benefit you. Red meat can lead to estrogen excess. I’m not saying that you want to avoid the meat at all, but there are serious arguments to limit its consummation.


Weight loss block 2: Insulin excess


It is known that every other American suffers from one form of diabetes, which is accompanied by being overweight.  Your body’s cells lose insulin sensitivity (insulin resistance). As a result, the glucose regulator function is impaired, the blood sugar level fluctuates rapidly and – fat is increased.


What to do: I recommend drinking filtered water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Research conducted in 2004 has shown that ingesting 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before a high-carbohydrate meal in people with insulin resistance significantly reduces blood glucose.


There are, of course, many other ways to reduce insulin, for example, to give up sugar and artificial sweeteners. But be sure to remember that if you have any symptom of insulin problems, you need to see a doctor.


Weight loss block 3: Cortisol surplus.


Cortisol is the body’s response to stress, which is generally known. When it comes to hormonal imbalance and obesity, they all lead to cortisol.


Theoretically, most of us know that the excess of cortisol distorts our self-esteem and perception of reality, but theory sometimes breaks with practice. If your body is constantly under stress, it will accumulate fat stores. Most likely on your stomach. Cortisol also causes addiction to food, especially sugar. The result is pure fat stored throughout the body.

What to do: To reduce the level of cortisol, stop the caffeine intake. Stop drinking at least a week of coffee and you will see that you will sleep better. And, overall, you’ll be calmer. If you have complete caffeine elimination for you, try replacing coffee with green tea. It also contains caffeine. Then you can go to the white tea and eventually renounce it too. It is best to replace the tea with hot water with lemon and a pinch of Cayenne pepper. Regular morning sipping of one or two cups every morning will greatly stimulate your digestive tract activity.


There are other ways to reduce cortisol levels, but the elimination of stress is undoubtedly the first.

Weight loss block 4: lack of adiponectin.


Adiponectin is a fatty tissue hormone. Adiponectin is a protein-based hormone produced naturally by the body that manages fat lipids and glucose (blood sugar).  We need it to regulate glucose levels and as a stimulator of fatty acid utilization in tissues. This hormone is a chemical agent of communication between the central nervous system and fatty tissue. It regulates inflammatory and oxidative processes that promote obesity.


What to do: To compensate for the level of adiponectin, I recommend eating pistachios. It is fantastic how a single food affects the overall concentration of the hormone in the body. Research, which was attended by 60 people, showed that if people with low adiponectin levels are given pistachio nuts, their level is rising.


Improvements were seen in passport volume, fasting blood sugar level and overall cholesterol level.


In addition to pistachios, it is appropriate to consume food with monounsaturated fats, such as avocado or dark chocolate.


We should not forget about exercising.


What further increases the level of adiponectin? Regular starvation.


The simplest example: do not eat at night. The minimum effective time of such hunger strike is 18 hours. So, if you last eaten at 6 pm, you should eat the next day at noon.



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