I am on my bike every day around 6 hours and have lot more to do after, so there isn’t enough time in the day to cook big meals. I don’t mind cooking, but when you don’t have time there is still no excuse to fuel your body well.  I love eating, and it’s important to me to eat healthy, so I chose to look at my disdain for cooking as an opportunity to figure out how to do so using minimal amounts of really simple cooking. So I am not trying to stop you from spending time in the kitchen cooking. I would love to share tips what to do when you are busy.  I eat the best on our Mallorca fitness holiday, when our chef Sharon is serving food for us. If you can afford personal chef, go for it, or carry on reading.  
1. What healthy eating means to me?
Everyone has different definition of healthy eating, some people go extreme ( keton diet, vegan diet(. Healthy eating depends on several factors, which means it won’t look the same from one person to the next. Here are four things that are often overlooked when one creates their own unique definition of good balanced diet. 
2. Growing up and building habits.
Healthy eating can look quite a bit different depending on your mum’s cooking. For example, I grow up in Slovakia on home made meals, our lunch was the biggest meal of the day. I was lucky to have fresh fruit and vegetable daily. If you inherited bad eating habits, you have to knowledge them and move on from the mistakes, your learned from your family. 
3. Our budget.
Healthy eating will also look different based on a person’s budget, and which foods are available to them.  I am trying to eat seasonal fruit and vegetable because is fresh and cheaper. These are two very important things that need to be factored in. Not everyone has the same budget to be able to buy organic all the time. 
4. Your personal taste.
Some girls force them-self’s to eat crazy diets and food they don’t like, ending up feeling low and craving something nice. If they try to force themselves to eat those foods anyway, they may end up dreading their meals at best, and creating a problematic relationship with food at worst. While every meal you eat may not be worthy Michelin stat , I think it’s fair to say that your food should, at the very least, be enjoyable  in order for it to be considered healthy for you.
5. If you are allergic or intolerant to some foods.
Your body is smart, trying you protect you, your gut is connected to your brain, so if you are in tune whit your body, you know that some foods are making you feel ill. If an individual has a sensitivity or an allergy to certain foods, these foods will not be healthy for them to eat — and could instead be quite harmful — regardless of the fact that they may be considered healthy by some. As you can see, healthy eating is much more complicated and personal than simply following a certain diet or popular nutrition protocol.
6. Lets talk how to save time.
I don’t feel guilty for taking short cuts when it comes to preparing healthy meals, so shouldn’t you.  As long as it  is healthy, every thought and effort counts. While cooking from the scratch  the intention, find peace in knowing that long and intricate preparations are not necessary for healthy meals unless you genuinely enjoy the process. Additionally, the easier you can make things on yourself, the more consistent you will likely be, and consistency will always reign supreme for getting results, regardless of what the goal is.
7. Lots of vegetables and little fruit.
 You can’t go wrong eating lots of fresh vegetable it’s probably safe to assume that you believe that vegetables are beneficial. In my experience working with hundreds of women, fresh produce is often perceived as tricky because it’s highly perishable.We can get around this by buying frozen, you can buy it in their own steamer bags, making it easy for you to cook them in the steamer in a matter of minutes! Add a bit of butter, or a sprinkle of cheese, or just some salt and pepper and you can add them to any meal. Otherwise, you can quickly thaw frozen fruit and veg, like spinach  in the blender and make smoothie  if you prefer to have something sweat, you can make more an freeze some for next time to save time. Frozen and canned produce don’t seem to get much attention, but can be an easy, fast, and healthy addition to meals without much cooking required. If you prefer fresh vegetables and have the means to opt for this, many stores offer a wide variety of pre-washed and pre-chopped vegetables. Grab  bags your favorites per-chopped veg. and dump them onto a baking sheet with a drizzle of olive oil and your favorite seasonings and bake them all at once. This will provide you with plenty of delicious vegetables for the next several days. Another tip is to buy mixed salads and pots of pulses that you love, goat cheese, or cottage cheese, olives, nuts, avocado, maybe fruit, fish, whatever you love and make your super-food salad. 
8. How to get enough protein 
We are encouraged to go for extra protein and everyone is trying to sell us powders and the best ” new miracles” we don’t need.  Women who regularly exercise need handful or protein daily. For your energy and recovery after exercise and resistance training you need to consume moderate amounts of protein. If you consume animal products, frozen meat, precooked skinless chicken is really easy option. They are available at many supermarkets, you can go for beef, turkey, chicken, duck, and different types of fish. You can cook them from frozen in slow cooker, while you are doing your exercise, add your favorite spices, and you’re in business without hard work. You can also prepare lots at a time for week ahead! I am not meat eater so for me to steam fish is less them 10 minutes and opening tin off tuna takes one minute. For your super salads you can find prepared sources of protein at any supermarket, such as rotisserie chicken, hard-boiled eggs, quinoa, and pulses. These are convenient additions to almost any meal.
9.Carbs and healthy fat.
Carbohydrates have a bad name at the moment, I am shore there is better way then being scared of them. I am choosing to eat  healthy crabs ( sweet potato,fruit, porridge)  while I am active and try to stay away from carbs on my rest days. As much as we need healthy fat, we need to take is in very small doses. Too much avocado is too much fat, drops of olive oil and tinny bit of butter a day is enough. Healthy fat can be incorporated effortlessly into most meals, and it can significantly boost their flavor. Drizzling your vegetables with olive oil or coconut oil, sprinkling a little cheese onto your meal, slicing up some avocado, or adding some butter or ghee takes less than 60 seconds. When it comes to preparing healthy meals, it is all about education and learning about nutrition and your own body. Once you know what you are doing you can choose food in restaurant without worrying and you can shop the right way. Our Mallorca fitness holiday will give you answer to every question about nutrition.  Stress less, move more, keep it simple and eat your greens. 



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