I wish you the most beautiful, funny, loving and care free Christmas.
I want you to enjoy every moment, every smile, the light in the eyes and in our hearts.
I want you to enjoy the food and drinks and feel good and healthy.


But as you English people say, You can’t have your cake and eat it ?
So I have a secret plan for you, how you can enjoy all the fun, feel good and stay the same weight.
Rule one:
Go for a long walk before breakfast! You can do it! Give your body and mind one hour of your day, you will be feeling fresh, positive, hungover free. Look for the 5 km route , that is plenty for fat loss and metabolism boost.

On Mallorca fitness camp, we are exercising first thing in the morning, before breakfast for two reasons:

  1. It gets done. Despite your best intentions, any number of things can happen in the afternoon and evening, making you skip exercise or feel too tired to push yourself. 

  2. There are additional health benefits to exercising before consuming your first meal of the day.

    • Improved glucose (sugar) balancing

    • Better metabolism

    • Reduced inflammation

    • Reduced cancer risk

    • Improved longevity

    The longer you avoid food and drink between dinner and breakfast the next morning, the healthier you will be. 

    Overnight fasting is all about narrowing our eating window as much as possible. This leaves your body free to reset blood sugar balance, repair cells and restore function overnight. 

The study in question lasted for six weeks. It included 28 healthy people, divided into three groups; those who:

  1. Exercised before eating a carbohydrate-rich breakfast, and drank only water during exercise

  2. Ate a carbohydrate-rich breakfast before exercising, and drank sugary drinks such as sports drinks during their workout

  3. Ate an identical diet but did not exercise at all

Overall, the people had identical high-calorie, high-fat diets. The primary difference was whether—and most importantly, when—they exercised. The other difference was the type of beverages they drank during exercise.

At the end of the trial, the non-exercising control group had gained an average of more than six pounds, and had developed insulin resistance—the precursor to type 2 diabetes.

Those who ate breakfast prior to hitting the gym gained an average of about three pounds; half the weight gain of those who did not exercise. However, they too had developed insulin resistance…

The only group that gained almost no weight, and showed no signs of insulin resistance were those who exercised before eating breakfast, and drank only water during their workout. 


Rule two: 

 Start your day with healthy breakfast!

Here are some recipes for you to try. 

Scramble Eggs  with tomato and onion

Cooking time
2 min
What we need
1  spring onion 
4  cherry tomatoes
2 eggs
 spice , Parmesan, salt, fresh herbs
Method of preparation
Wash the onion and cut into wheels. Heat the olive oil in a pan, add the onions and rest for a minute. In the meantime, cut the cherry tomatoes into thirds, add to the roasted onions and heat the minute. Dust the  spice, break the eggs and stir. This takes up to half a minute. Sprinkle on the plate with Parmesan, fresh coriander.


Carrot pancakes

Pancakes are excellent food for breakfast, you can make it without garlic, if you worry about your breath.
Cooking time 15 min
What we need
1  carrot
60 gram hard cheese
1  egg
2 ts oatmeal
1 clove garlic
1 handful of peas
to taste fresh herbs, turmeric, marjoram, salt, Grate the carrot and cheese, add egg, oatmeal , garlic and peas. Fry slowly or bake on  baking paper in the oven on 170*

Fabulous pancakes without a flour (gluten) that you can make yourself and your children for breakfast.

Cooking time
15 min
What we need
2 eggs
2 hilly tbsp fine ricotta
3 tbsp Custard  powder
130 ml milk  of your choice 
2 tbsp thick honey
 lemon juice
 servings – 5 pieces of pancakes
Method of preparation
Into the bowl, break eggs, add curd and spread with a fork for a lump-free compact dough. Add the custard powder and mix. Add the milk, stir and the dough is ready.
Rub the Teflon pan (do the pancakes on it to prevent it from sticking) and soak the coconut oil with a dipped feather and put the dough on it with a tablespoon. Swirl it to the sides in a circular motion and roast on medium heat from each side for a minute to make a fine brown eye.
Meanwhile, we prepare a stuffing. Add some milk, lemon juice, honey to the rest of the cottage cheese, and mix . You can also add cinnamon or cocoa to your cottage cheese 

Asparagus-Parmesan omelette

Beautiful morning. Treat yourself to a healthy, tasty and quick asparagus breakfast with fresh eggs.
Cooking time
2 min
What we need
5 pcs green asparagus
2 eggs
2 PL water
2 PL grated Parmesan

PS:  If you have heartburn, eat skinless almonds. They help with acid. You can also add flax seeds  to  your  breakfast.

Lots of love, I hope to see you  or hear from you soon xxx


 The best books I can recommend to read this Xmas 

Books – Super Human by Dave Asprey.

Younger by Sara Gottfried,


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