Are you looking for motivation to workout at home?


The question is, why should you pay for one to one PT class, when you can get free class online?

  • your PT knows you, what you need, what you like, don’t like.
  • your PT can check and help with the perfect form
  • your PT can help you with your unique requirements
  • your PT can help you to reach for more and set up goals
  • your PT can help you with specific training for life changing even or 5 km run
  • your PT can hold you accountable No wasted time and maximum results
  • your PT is there to help with whatever you going through, not just fitness
  • your PT will help you to improve mental health
  • your PT will help you to form good habits
  • your PT will be flexible to fit in to your schedule
  • your PT will challenge you and increase your flexibility               So what are you waiting for?

Choose from 4 weeks – 1 to 1 program: 8 hours – 200£

                    2 weeks – 1 to 1 program: 4 hours – 100£

Flexible hours, any day of the week, using ZOOM, or Facebook live

Self care and stress relief for getting through difficult time, coaching, nutrition, hormonal balance, muscle building, core workouts, effective cardio training. 

Contact us or sign up below If you would like the course for free, then email me at


Join me Zu to work on your fitness, body definition, tighten and tone your body.

Lets get our heart rate up, we have options for all levels. 

This workouts are free aftercare for girls who visited women only fitness retreat

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