Food is one of the basic needs of a living organism. People however, sometimes become addicted to comfort eating, so what is behind this addiction? Regular over-eating basically as addictive as gambling, alcoholism, smoking, and other types of addictive behavior.

But food, unlike drugs, alcohol, gambling, and everything else, is more available and much more socially acceptable. Human with a hamburger or a cheese will not concern anyone.

During the intake of food, the human organism launches hormones (dopamine) responsible for feelings of joy and satisfaction, it makes you feel calm and safe. Food is a friend! Food most often has a substitute role, replaces something, fills some empty space, has something to provide, is a balancing element at the empty end of a psychic imbalance swing.

Imagine you will do this daily:

“I’ll buy some bottles of wine, I have nothing to drink at all.”

“I discovered a new drug, I want to try it tonight.”

” It was a terrible day today ! I’ll go and gamble”

” Every day I have sex with some random partner . It helps me to fall asleep. ”

That sounds pretty harsh, right? Strangely and undeniably it is ok if we act like this using food.
This is bad, because addiction to food causes a lot of health problems to the person and damages his social and personal life. Self-confidence decreases really and very often – it can be a direct path to depression.

Let’s look at the psychological causes of food dependence .

People are getting their worries and stress. The stuffed stomach puts them into a happy state. In this case, it is especially important to remove the causes of concern and to learn how to deal with anxiety in a different way.
Luck of love: the roots of these problems are found in childhood, but sometimes even in adulthood. A person who did not like or do not like enough tries to fill the emptiness and finds a substitute for love in the meal.

Dieting habits: Unfortunately out parents give us mixed messages ( be a good girl and eat it all, if you are sad – eat,if you are happy – celebrate with food…) As a result, misbehavior is created.
In this case, it is very important to learn to eat according to a specific schedule. We can’t get rid of food, we need to eat. We cannot go on strict diet, that will trigger more unwanted emotions. We need to learn to eat for health and physical preformance and we need to learn to find happiness and calmness in meditation, hobbies, gratitude, nature, self-love and self-help.
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