Is this me? Or is this me?

Understanding ourselves, understanding who we are, is difficult. Sometimes we listen to others telling us who we are or who we should be. I would like to encourage you to be whoever YOU want to be.

One negative thing I hear often with my clients is “this is not me”.

Fit? – Not me.

Healthy eating? – Not me.

Running? – Not me.

Sexy? – Not me.

My intention is not to tell you who you are or who you are not, there is enough pressure out there. I would like to help you learn to overcome your limitations. To learn how to stop limiting yourself by saying ‘this is not me’. Instead, I want to help you grow. The moment you say “Running? Not me.” you are stopping yourself forever from mastering it, simply because of your negative self-image.

3 Rules To Help You To Stop Limiting Yourself

1. The real YOU is not the present you, or the past you. It is who you will become after you reach full self-actualisation.

Tell yourself you are a work in progress; the person you used to be is just the weak version of your possible self. You are moving forward and working towards your ideal self (not the perfect self – perfection doesn’t exist).

2. Who you are is constantly changing; your life and the world around you is changing, your family is changing and your body is aging.

Your mind and brain are learning too, like you they are constantly changing. So there is no such thing as “this is me” or ” this is not me”. You have the ability to change and grow no matter how old you are. Ask yourself – are you still the girl you used to be at the age of 16? I am not.

3. You are what you want to be and more. If you decide that you want to become a marathon runner (even if you hate running because you are ‘rubbish’ at it and “it’s not you”) then you can run a marathon – it all starts with that first mile.

Did you want to become the lady in the baggy clothes, eating whatever she wants but doing nothing except watching television? No. But nothing just happens, you changed to become that person and if you are looking in the mirror thinking “this is not me”, then you can change again.

I would like to empower you to make that change. After all, we are constantly changing anyway, so why not make changes that make us feel better and happier!

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