I continue to love helping people, love the weather in Mallorca and variety of activities we do each week. I do have to remember sometimes that it is a business and make decisions with my brain and not with my heart. I would love to help everyone. I was working on my new website and we have a new product staring this October (Willpower building forever living weekend). I would like to recommend this long weekend for the busy women, who don’t have one week for themselves, but can escape for long weekend. I am looking forward to start working with my friend Victoria. We share the passion for healthy living and can’t wait to start our new adventure. We hope to help more people with more options and I will continue to do the existing fitness weeks is well….
Why forever willpower weekend?
Despite several forms of detox coming into the market recently, Forever living still remains one of the best and most natural ways of detox you can do. It gives your body healthy boost. Based on my experience, everyone needs little help once they weight plateau and metabolism slows down. These products are completely natural, full of nutrients and a great, easy way to detox. They will help your body heal and reduce fat. Why not give one a try? Please ask me for more info………

Post summer body focus:
If, like me, you have had a few too many cream teas and glasses of wine in the garden this summer, you may want to join me on an autumn body focus.
I can help you with a focused food and exercise plan to help lose those extra pounds put on over the summer. Based around using small lifestyle changes incorporating regular exercise, we can shift them!
Let me know if you are interested in doing this with me, there’s no charge, just a few weeks commitment by you.

A huge thank you from Zu, for everyone who supported my business xxx

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