Emma’s journey – week one

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Flight from Manchester to Mallorca take two and half hours. But the journey from your comfort zone to fitness camp can take years. That is why I am always excited to welcome my clients, because I am aware how long it takes and how scary it can be. I am so proud of Emma and her decision to change her life forever. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to be the one to help. I have no doubt that now is the right time and place to make it happen.
Losing weight and keeping it off has been a struggle for Emma for years especially suffering with depression . Emma tried diets slimming world, exercising but the weight always came back. To top it all off, Emma’s job is office based and very sedentary and have done exercise for long time, having sleeping problem made her gain way to much weight. Emma use to be at a healthy weight but wasn’t happy or confident so she use to try every crazy diet to lose more weight. That added unnecessary stress, combined with other emotional stress and low self-esteem issues made her give up and use food to self-medicate her unhappiness. But that is all in the past now. All it matters is to take one step every day to get better, stronger, fitter and happier. Emma is in Mallorca fitness camp  on 4 month fitness break and calorie controlled healthy eating program. The weight loss is more than just calories in and out.

What we need to do to lose weight is

1. Nutrition, well balanced diet

2. Sleep, fresh air, exercise, good nutrition, stress free environment

3. Daily movement we are trying to get up to 10000 steps

4. Stress yoga, meditation, positive mindset, sunshine

5. Training moderation of weight training, mix of HIIT and medium intensity cardio, core workouts trying to find out what she enjoy the most and have fun.


Day 1. we started with goal setting in our 4 month together we would like to lose 5 stone, be more positive, motivated, energetic. We started with walk the longest Emma have done in lone time. Flowing up with fitness test and functional training workout. At the end of the first day Emma felt grateful for being here in Mallorca in safe environment.

Day 2 Started day with boxing following up with walk and finishing day with weight training, cardio and assistant stretch. At the end of the second day Emma was happy to get through it because it was hard, so she was happy that is was over.

Day 3 Emma was struggling with stomach crumbs but we carried on. Walking to beach doing yoga, long walk, resistance training, yoga and meditation. Emma felt Hopeful. If I she could carry on exercising given the way she felt today, Emma is positive to make it to the end!
Day 4 Emma was still struggling with stomach problem so we where taking in one workout at the time. Starting with walk and boxing following with walk. TRX and yoga. At he end of the day Emma was feeling better and happier about what she can achieve.
Day 4 the stomach problems are holding us back little bit, but we keep going with walk,stretch boxing
Day 5 we have been building up our yoga routine and walking more first time we achieved 10 000 steps what was our goal for the week. Emma was feeling positive, finding it hard but believing more and more in herself.
Day 6 sunny and happy day, lots of cardio and yoga, Pilates toning and shaping. Exited for tomorrow results.
Day 7 the best results we could ask for, 9 pounds and 5 inches off waist line and 5 inches from hips. The most important improvement was fitness test for example holding plank on first day 7 seconds, after week with Mallorca fitness holiday 15 seconds!

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