Fat loss, yes fat loss can be one of the most challenging fitness goals that a woman can set for herself. Especially women who is stressed, desperate and confused. Losing bit of fat can be particularly challenging, but it is worth it! 

Many women turn to unhealthy methods to promoted quick weight loss when nothing seem to be working. These risky very low calorie diets, and potentially dangerous supplements. This can help you see the number on the scales but you are losing muscles and your metabolism is slowing down. There’s got to be a better way to get leaner without harming yourself… right?

If you’ve been working out and eating well for months and your progress is slow, here are a few ideas for busting through that plateau in a healthy way—no crash dieting required.

Observe what you eat, don’t get mad with yourself just write down what you had for 3 days or week.

Before you panic over the idea of tracking your food intake, hear me out.

Getting clear, objective idea about your dietary intake can help you identify any reasons why your current diet isn’t leading to fat loss.

One obvious issue could be that you may simply be eating too much. Or it’s possible that you’re now eating at a maintenance level, and you need to increase you activity or go on smaller portions. One of the reasons why I chose to do exercise daily, I simply like to eat but I love healthy food. 

Calories do count! You don’t have to be obsessive but you can’t eat more than you are burning and expect to lose body fat. 

Don’t panic we are talking about reducing your food intake by as little as 200-300 calories per day. This can make difference between   maintaining and losing weight. The trick is to change your current diet and eat healthy, high on nutrition, vitamins and minerals diet.  It’s useful for preventing under-eating. Not only can under-eating be just as problematic for fat loss, it can be especially harmful to your health.Some women think that if a 500-calorie deficit is effective, then a deficit of 1000+ calories must be twice as effective. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, not to mention a drop in metabolic rate, hormone health, and athletic performance.

Under-eating is just as likely to cause a stall in fat loss as overeating, thanks to its effects on stress hormones, thyroid function, your energy expenditure from activity, and your metabolic rate. For women whose fat loss has stalled due to too large of a calorie deficit for too long, eating to maintenance levels  for a few months can actually help normalize your metabolic rate and hormones, give you the energy to be more active and allow for fat loss down the road when the body is no longer in a stressed state.

Macro-nutrients should provide the majority of our calories. They include protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Changing up your nutritional value is a great way to make diet changes without actually changing your energy, and can also help break through fat loss plateaus. Consuming a diet rich in high-quality protein, helps minimize the loss of muscle while allowing for fat loss. 

Your plate should have 25 – 35 percent of your calories from protein. As an example, a 140-pound woman might eat between 110 and 140 grams per day, which would be 24 to 31 percent of an 1800-calorie diet.

Carbs or no carbs that is a question?

Low carbs diets work, but I carbs are no as harmful for your health and dies as sugar. You can keep 20% of your calories consuming healthy carbs, like brown rise, sweet potato, fruit.

Is high fat diet healthy? 

There is a wide range of fats and healthy low fat intake levels can support good health and sustainable fat loss. Every person is different, and you should be willing to experiment to find your ideal carb and fat balance.

Eat less, move more, is still in fashion and the best thing to do for fat loss isn’t very helpful for most women, but it is better to train smart instead of training hard. 

The easiest thing for most women to do, is to move more throughout the day, count your steps, walk more and be more standing than sitting. Adding a couple thousand extra steps to your day could help your body to get fat loss going again.

More effective fat loss approach generally includes high intensity training a few times a week. This could be something as simple as a 15 minutes HIIT training in the gym or living room. Or sprint workout where you are running for 30 seconds, resting for 30 seconds and repeating that interval eight times, or you  You can go for strength workout, but if you’re not challenging yourself with heavier weights as part of a regular strength training routine, your fat loss progress may stall. 

Resistance training and weight lifting, in addition to help you get strong, is a fantastic way to increase your metabolic rate and for fat loss.Building muscle changes your physique even if your weight doesn’t change. 

It is healthy eating and exercise all you need for weight loss? 

What can stop you?

High Cortisol, this stress hormone can stop you form losing fat if is chronically high. Sleeping at least seven to nine hours per night is crucial when you’re trying to lose fat, especially if you’re training hard.

Manage your stress better, try adding some yoga, massage, meditation into your daily or weekly routine. Practice deep breathing exercises to keep your body calm when you’re feeling overwhelmed during the day.

Your fitness program and healthy eating should not be adding stress to your life, make small changes and take small steps. Stay positive and pay attention to negative self-talk throughout the process. Don’t compare yourself to others, you are unique and your journey will be different to others. Think about how grateful you are for how your body, for the progress you’ve made so far, for the positive habits you are doing already, and more. 

Many women come to Mallorca fitness camp and falsely believe that the most important thing is to lose weight, but after week of healthy eating and exercising they feel so energized and happy. They can see the change in they shape without stepping on the scales. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to lose weight, the most important thing in life is happiness and loving yourself for who your are. 







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