How do you know if you are addicted? Try to stop eating comfort food for one week and if your cravings increase after a week, that is a first sign of addiction. What causes us to be addicted? We can be addicted to many different things; cigarettes, television, Facebook, shopping, alcohol and over-eating..

All the addictions will start with the fear of emptiness. When you are alone with nothing to do, you will sit there and feel the cravings. You know you shouldn’t, but the more you think about it, the more you want it! Food is your distraction from the empty feeling inside of you. We lose the battle with addiction by believing that life is happening to us, instead of us creating our life. JUST BEING means being happy just being, instead of doing! If you can’t relax and just be, if you have this nagging feeling that you have to be constantly doing something, then you are more likely to have an overactive brain that is constantly thinking about food and cravings. But what can you do? Learn how to live in the present, take time to notice how you are feeling and stop your mind; calm your mind and relax, just be. Stuffing your face my help you to feel full and it will give you something to do, but you will end up feeling empty, disgusted and weak. Start by facing your emptiness, your sadness. Allow yourself to feel sorry for yourself; create a little pity party, then have a cry and move on. If you are sad you need to cry, if you are tired you need to rest. Meditate. If you have a bad day, think about it or, even better, talk about it and you will feel better straight away. Allowing yourself to face your negative thoughts instead of keeping your mind busy by thinking about your cravings is not going to be easy straight away, but it will get easier and you will become stronger. So face your fear of emptiness, it is normal to have it! Even the happiest person on the planet feels empty at some point in their life. It is okay, it will pass. It is just part of the balance of life. Emptiness comes after happiness; you learn this early on in life and if you become scared of emptiness, you will allow yourself to become scared of happiness too. This can stop you wanting to be happy and stop you enjoying your happy times without feeling cravings for things like food or alcohol.

My best 4 tips: 1. Do nothing

2. Practice mindfulness

3. Have a pity party

4. Move on, be brave, be happy and be yourself – even if that means that you get hurt again.

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