Belly dancing is surprisingly beneficial for our health since it does not only involve our physical strength but also our creative expression, social interaction, and emotional. It is the most natural way to celebrate our body and our curves. I last decade women become more body conscious and start hiding the beauty of female body. Belly dancing will help you to feel free to like the way your body moves and feels.

1. Improving Our Balance.

The older we are the more limited physical activities that we can do. Balance is one of the factors that influence our activity. However, practicing dancing, such as belly dancing is proven to be an effective way to improve our balance. Dancing makes us moves faster, stay taller and requires us to have a precise posture. Therefore, dancing can help us in improving our physical condition.

2. Boosting Our Energy and feel good factor 

If we feel fatigue and tired, we are usually suggested to do sports. Dancing is one form of sport that make you feel better, more positive and up-beet. The physical activity that we do during dancing triggers the emerging of endorphins hormone which eventually makes us energetic.  Besides, dancing can level up our sleeping quality so that we will feel fresh after having a rest. Endorphins and a good sleeping quality lead us to have a better focus.

3. Reducing Our Weight.

60 minutes of dancing can burn our 468 calorie (for people who have 60 kg weigh). Compared to cycling, this is such a huge number because cycling for 60 minutes can burn only 450 of our calorie. Another interesting part of dancing is it is more to entertaining than exercising. Every dance has different choreography. There are several types of belly dance that are worth trying. The more intensive our movement during dancing, the more calorie we burn. As a result, our waist size reduces. It brings such a good impact for our body thoroughly. Dancing is not only beneficial for burning our calorie but also makes us improve our digestion and think positively.  Having positive mind makes our body healthier and does not easily fatigue, so we feel younger!

  • Belly Dance

Belly dance is not only effective for reducing our weight but also for shaping our belly and waist. It is also beneficial for burning fat in our thigh. Another benefit of belly dance is keeping us fit. Belly dance can be done together with the professional instructor on our Mallorca belly dance week,  6 days is plenty of time to  practice it, to feel like you can dance and go out there and have more fun. In the world where women suffer with stress and low self-esteem we can fight it by putting musing on and dance like nobody is watching. 

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