After week of sunshine, sweat and cycling, I am happy to share inspiring story with you. Zoe is successful women in her thirties always smiling and always polite, I was lucky to meet and guide on her cycling journey. After healthy and happy childhood, life happened, stress happened and Zoe was diagnosed with arthritis and chronic pain. All the treatment had side affect and one of them was gaining wait. On top of everything Zoe was going through family problems. But instead of feeling sorry for herself she started cycling. It wasn’t easy, it is not easy for fit and healthy people, but she didn’t give up. Zoe joined cycling club and with help of friendly club members, she learned everything she needed to know. One year in to cycling, she was riding 50 miles every weekend. Singing up for cycling holiday with Mallorca cycling tours was still scary and outside of her comfort zone, but she was ready for challenge and have a holiday time. The weather didn’t disappoint and we could make the most of all days. Our first day was a good test of her fitness, climbing to 3 charming villages with character and beautiful views. Second day was little bit longer and flatter cycling 50 miles in quite country side. 
Day 3 was the challenge day, climbing up 500 meters, it was all about mindset and not giving up, with great effort we did it!  Next day was definitely time for recovery. Day 5 was again sunny and enjoyable with some hills and rolling roads to beautiful sea side town. On our last day Zoe used what she had left and we finished week happy and healthy, we have done 200 miles. Zoe is already thinking about coming back, fitter, stronger next year and do even more. Zoe’s only regret is that she didn’t start cycling earlier, I have asked her how cycling changed her life and here is what she said. 



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