1 year ago I meet this incredible lady Zuzana Kubisova
She changed my whole outlook to life.
Yes i mean it, in just 5 day on her stayfitbreakfree retreat I found a new me.
I learnt so much from her, I when there with just one thing on my mind – loss weight.
I came back home with a new found love for different exercise & a passion for trying to stay fit healthy.
I was that inspired by her, I am now studying diet & nutrition & have adopted a healthier way of life & maintained my weight loss one year on.

This retreat with Zuzana give me more then just weigh loss. ( 4 kg )
It give me drive, determination, motivation, understanding & the knowledge I needed tovget me on the right path, to where I am now.

I you have ever thought that fitness retreats are only for fit & healthy people then your so wrong, this is where you begin.
If you ever thought that fitness retreats are all about just losing weight then you wrong again.
It’s about learning how to make small changes to your lifestyle & how to improve your health & mindset.
I honestly can not recommended this retreat enough.
Personally is the best thing I’ve ever done & would absolutely love to do in again.
Hopefully soon.

X Victoria x

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