Know what you want - get what you want


  • Do you want to be fit?
    Visualization is the best start.
    Let’s do it together. Let’s dream about being fit.
    How will you know that you are fit?
    What being fit feels like?
    - Feel energetic, powerful and unstoppable!
    - Hear people around you talking about your impressive running, cycling, training.
    - See your muscle tone in the mirror.
    - Feel like the hero you always wanted to be.
    Or just imagine to be like someone fit, you admire .
    Just remember that all your thoughts need to be positive.
    You need to feel relaxed and comfortable about your dream.
    More you believe in your dream more likely you can achieve it.
    So before you fell asleep visualize and reprogram your emotional side of brain to help you .
    Good luck.