Everyday you wake up and have the opportunity to decide to make right choices. Your choices will either move you in the direction of your goals, or keep you away from them. You can choose to wake up and start day with “wrong foot” skip your workout, have wrong sugary breakfast. Or you can jump out of bed and get it done. You make a healthy food choice , or you can go to office and get late and muffin. You can decide to change and then do what is necessary. Wanting and wishing is a good start, but if you want the results like weight loss, or getting toned you need to take consistent action. It’s not just one thing. It’s many decision each day that help you live happy and healthy. You could, decide now, to feel amazing in your body! From now, you can be decider and chose to be happy and healthy every morning . Cary on for months and you will make it habit!
Life is pressures to wear small shoes every day, or to be in body that don’t feel wright!
Decide every time to be kind to your body and don’t quit! You are powerful, make yourself proud!
Tell yourself that you are ready for hard and you would never signed up for easy. You can do hard things too and once you finish, everyone will want to know your secret! Burn up your excuses. Burn up the stress that’s been holding you down. Burn up the “I can’ts” Turn up the reasons why you can and you will. Turn up the music and rock and roll. Turn up your power. I am sure you can do amazing things. Showing up at the gym and doing meal prep pales in comparison to many of the things you have accomplished in the past is easy. You already have the best tool, it is the strength inside of you, in your heart. Be a decider and write it down and then put it away and get busy doing the work. To make it more real, email me your plan if you want.

To join next camp, email me zuzana@mallorcafitnessholiday.co.uk

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