Metabolism is a complex and fragile process that can be disrupted by wrong steps and habits. For everyone and each time it’s an individual process. Someone needs to try harder, someone less. Metabolism works by burning carbohydrates in the body. If you want to be set up to burn already stored fats, that means that carbohydrates need to be reduced or excluded from the diet. It is best to work with professionals and ask for help to avoid more damage. First you have to start from your habits.
If you are already trying, restricting, controlling and practicing, but the result is more than miserable, you may find yourself in the following list:

If you eat too little 

Each body has its own needs – the minimum caloric requirement, that is, the volume of energy that it absolutely needs to function. If you give it less, your consumption will be reduced, and metabolism will slow down significantly, sometimes up to half. In addition, you will be tired, moody and bad things happen in your body – under eating can damage you, you will lose water and muscle mass.

If you are a Queen of Diet

It is similar to the previous case. The body slows down metabolism, and when it comes back to “normal” food, it keeps fat reserves harder for worse times, because it suspects that it will come back again. That’s how the jojo effect works. In addition, with each additional diet, weight loss is more difficult and subsequent recovery is faster.
If you choose an apple

“I’ll just have 3 to 4 apples in the evening,” the dietary champion said proudly. That’s like you’ve had two dinners! Apples and other sweet fruits contain a lot of sugar. It is a natural fruit sugar, but if it is not used by the body, it turns it into fat. With fruit, 2-3 servings a day will be enough, in the afternoon and in the evening, prefer to eat vegetables. The fruit in the stomach is fermenting at night and it causes mold, yeast and many other problems. 

If you drink your calories 

Alcohol slows down metabolism. Yes, wine. I am sorry. Alcohol is also sugar and calories – and not much. Very calorie is beer, but also hard alcohol. The very worst are sweet mixed drinks, for example Piña Colada has more calories than Big Mac. Even wine is not the best, especially sweet and semi-sweet wines. One or two glasses of dry white wine will not hurt much damage. But if you drink two drinks each night, after a year you can wake up where the extra pounds. Be careful with lattes and cappuccinos, one drink can have more calories than your lunch.  

If you are intolerant

You can be intolerant to some foods and you do not even know about it. There’s no need to go for allergies tests, however, when the body is intolerant to a food or ingredients, it is not directly allergic but fails to process it sufficiently and spend it. In addition to unwanted weight, you may suffer from diarrhea, bloating, convulsions, but also much more serious difficulties that do not even relate to digestion in the first place. To detect intolerance, there are simple blood tests you can take, and every general practitioner should do it for you.

If you are not getting any younger

If you are in over forty club, it’s very likely and natural that your metabolism is slowing down and your body is getting enough with smaller doses of energy. Keeping in shape is harder, so the only way is to limit the doses of food and add to the move.
If you are exercising, but not seeing results 

To go wrong you are probably doing slow pace or the same routine so the body is no longer challenged. Or you are overdoing it, at high intensity, high frequencies for too long will make body to release cortisol what can stop you from losing weight. Maybe you are gaining a large muscle mass, so you increase both weight and volume.

How to speed up metabolism?

Eat smaller doses 5-6 times a day, about every three hours.
Drink plenty, especially pure water, start with a big cup in the morning.
Eat breakfast. Without breakfast, the body is set to starvation and the metabolism slows down considerably.
Exercise. The muscular body has much faster burning.
Take enough iron and vitamin B to be high on energy.

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