Be careful, your energy is contagious!
You will effect people with positivity or infect people with negativity.
It takes effort to stay positive. Let me show you how easy is to become miserable. Sneak out for misery and you will find it!
1. Focus on the bad things around you.
2. You are always victim, no one else suffers, only you.
3. Nobody understands, how hard your life is.
4. Because nobody understand, you have to argue about everything.
5. Expect the worst!
6. If you are acting like the world is against you, you are most likely hiding the bad relationship with yourself. 
Please stay away from negative thoughts! They come to my head is well, but I am trying  to stop them!
The quickest way is to use rubber band and snap yourself every time you thinking negative about yourself or things around you. You can stare at top of your nose to change your focus. My best tip is to stay grateful, you can’t be miserable and grateful on the same time! So what are you grateful for? Where is the love? 

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