Sorry but , six pack is not going to make you happy!

What is it? What will make you happy?

Do you really want to be unconditionally  happy?

Unconditional happiness state of mind. It means that you are really happy even if conditions are bad even if you don’t have food to eat, your boss is horrible and everyone around you is miserable. Do you think this is too hard?

Conditional happiness is hard work is well.  You decide to be happy on some crazy conditions.

“I will be happy in the skinny body, with lots of money in the bank, with loving partner, big house ….

Conditional happiness means that lots of things  needs to go perfectly right, your way or you are not happy. You will write long list of things and work hard to get them and you may still feel unhappy. ( I can prove it, lotto winners are not happy)

So what can we do?

Lets just start doing things that make us happy, like be more spontaneous, adventures, have a magical experiences, help others. Enjoy the perfect moment! Do things because they mean lots to you, because you will be proud to accomplish them, set a goals to become better, stronger, knowledgeable and inspirational.

Six pack is not going to make you happy! ( I can prove it, I know people with six pack and they are not happy. you may get six pack, big lips, bleach hear…. and still not feel happy!

You may thing you need to be unhappy with your body to become motivated to go to gym and exercise. Not a true, 80% of people in the gym are happy whit the way they look, specially man they love what they see. So before you go to gym write down list of things you like about your body. Even if is two, be happy whit 2 and work on body part number 4 and 5..

Working out in the Gym is not going to make you feel happy if you don’t like doing it.  I am not saying don’t try it, please do and don’t give up easily because thing we do need to become smooth and effortless to make us feel good. That is why I do so many different activities in my camp for people to find out what they like. So they can go home and do what they love, make it look effortless and feel proud and happy.

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